Session 1:-Pediatric Surgical

Session 2:-Pediatric Dermatology

Session 3:-Pediatric Transplantation

Session 4:-Children Diet and Nutrition

Session 5:-Pediatric Immunization

Session 6:- Children psychology

Session 7:- Pediatric Critical care and nursing

Session 8:-Pediatric Research

Session 9:-Pediatric Neuroscience

Session 10:-Pediatric Gastroenterology

Session 11:-Pediatric Hepatology

Session 12:-Neonatal system Biology

Session 13:- Child Musculoskeletal

Session 14:-Pediatric Respiration

Session 15:-Perinatology

Session 16:-Pediatric Pharmacy

Session 17:-Pediatric Ophthalmology

Session 18:-Pediatric Genetics

Session 19:-Pediatric physiotherapy

Session 20:-Pediatric Radiotherapy

Session 21:-Pediatric dentistry

Session 22:-Pediatric Endocrinology

Session 23:-Pediatric Nephrology

Session 24:-Pediatric Cardiovascular

Session 25:- Infant cancer

Session 26:-Pediatric ENT

Session 27:-General Pediatrics